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Extreme Couponing With You finds deals and coupons and tell you when, where, and how to get these sames deals for your family.

Throw everything you know about grocery shopping out the window. Say good-bye to going to the store to buy what you need for dinner; tell your huge monthly shopping bill adios; Salute au revoir to running to your local drug store because you are out of tooth paste or mouth wash. 

Now that you have said your good-byes, say hello to going to the store a lot; Hola to saving 50%-90% each time you shop; Bid bonjour to your stock pile of food and toiletries. 

 Couponing Lingo

Welcome Couponers,

If you are a beginner, this should help you learn how to get started.

There are several things you will want to do first.

    1. Decide how you want to store your coupons. You can keep your inserts whole and cut them out as you need them or you can store them in a binder. If you have decided to keep your inserts whole, you will need to write the date on the first page, and use a coupon database to locate the date when you received specific coupons. If you have decided to use a binder, pre cut the coupons and organize them in your binder ( I use a combination of departments and grocery aisles). You are now ready to purchase your coupon storing items.

     2. Begin to gather your coupons, you can purchase Sunday Papers, All You Magazine, Internet Printables (store and mfg). Locate a coupon database that you prefer ex:,,, just to name a few.

     3. Understand how coupons work. There are different types of coupons and each store has different policies.

            a) Manufacturer Coupons (mfg)

            b) Store Coupons

            c) Internet Printables (Which can be either mfg or store)

Using Coupons

You can only use one mfg coupon per item. If you have a store coupon (coupons specifically for that store) most stores will allow you to use one mfg and one store coupon per item. This method is called stacking.

Stacking your coupons with store deals is how most of your savings will be done. Ex: If cereal that is normally sold for $4.00 is now on sale for $2.50, you have a store coupon for $1 off this cereal, and a mfg for $1 off this cereal, you can get this cereal for $ just saved $3.50. You just saved 88%

Understanding your store

You will want to understand your store's coupon policy.

Does your store double?

What does it mean when a store double coupons? The store will take the coupon that you are redeeming and double it's value. Most stores will only double up to .50 or .99 depending on your area.

Ex: Let's use the previous example of cereal, the cereal is on sale for $2.50, you have your store coupon for $1 off (which often times will not double), and a mfg coupon for $.75, which they will double to $1.50. Which makes your cereal FREE!

Does your store accept printed coupons? This is not mandatory so be sure to check first

How many of the same type coupons can you use?

Each store is different, in my area Harris Teeter (HT) will only accept 3 like coupons, but Bi-Lo will accept 10 like coupoons. The policies are often different for printable coupons so be sure to double check.

Does your store do a price match? Some stores will match the prices of their competitors. For example, Walmart will match the price of a competitor's ad.

I hope this information will help get you started, and there will be more to come soon.



2011 Coupon Schedule 

 Here is the Couponing schedule for the rest of the year. This is a guideline based on the history of the last few years.

August 21 — Smart Source
August 28 — Smart Source, Red Plum, and Procter & Gamble

September 4 — No Inserts (Labor Day) 

September 11 — Smart Source & Red Plum
September 18 — Smart Source & Red Plum
September 25 — Smart Source, Red Plum, and Procter & Gamble

October 2 — (2) Smart Source & Red Plum

October 9 — Smart Source & Red Plum

October 16 — Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

October 23 — Smart Source & Red Plum

October 30 — Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

November 6 — Smart Source & Red Plum

November 13 — Smart Source & (2) Red Plum

November 20 — Smart Source

November 27 — Procter and Gamble

December 4 — Smart Source & Red Plum

December 11 — Smart Source & Red Plum

December 18 — No Inserts

December 25 — Procter and Gamble

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